6 Day Baby Girl Blanket

 6 Day Baby Girl Blanket

So out of all the blankets, I have made so far I think this is the frilliest girl blanket I have ever made😊 I call it Sunrise for a Beautiful little cousin. When I went to Michaels and felt Caron Baby Cakes I was Wowed and had to have it. Thought I was going to do a Corner 2 Corner blanket then I saw a post on FB 6 Day Kid Blanket and someone asked have they ever used cakes for the 6-day blankets, well let's just say lots of comments and beautiful blanket posts. Two of the comments hit home: do you let the yarn just flow or do you make cuts for every color change, most people just let the yarn flow unless there was a huge color change, on my blanket I did the same. Unlike C2C blankets I think the pattern allows the color changes to blend better. 2nd several peeps posted that they use multiple different color cakes in their blankets! The pics they posted were beautiful, so I decided to do the same.

 Yarn used: 

Caron Baby Cakes ( sooooooooo soft)

2x Candy Hearts

1x Petals

The pattern calls for F hook after I did a swatch I liked how the G hook looked so that is what I went with.

I did 3 sets of Candy Hearts then 4 sets of Petals then back to 3 sets of Candy Hearts.


Without border 32x39 1/2

With border 36 1/2x 43 1/2

I only had a little left of one of the Candy Heart cakes and none of the Petals



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