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My Hand Knit BIG Chunky Yarn Hats

I have caught the Bug! Yes the BIG CHUNKY Yarn Bug..πŸ’•πŸ’–
Michaels started getting in Loops and Threads (Free Spirit and Indie yarn), and I have been wanting some since I saw them before Christmas. I finally took the plunge and bought Free Spirit with my 50% coupon (regular price $34.99-ouch)
I found some great youtube tutorials on finger knitting hats, they looked straight forward and easy- 2 things I love in a pattern.
My only issue is that I cannot find any patterns for Loops and Threads for Free Spirit or Indie yarn, seriously oei.. so the tutorials I did find, I had to experiment. That means making tons of mistakes and redoing- which with this yarn is not the best because it starts shedding so hopefully this helps you if you try to make your own hat.

So my first hat is a Monster, no kidding this thing is a beast, lmao. Here is a video .. sorry I couldn't help but laugh.  Beanie tutorial by Larissa is great, she is very easy to follow and this yarn did follow what she was doing…

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Finished all the hats by Christmas Morning!