My next adventure : A Fundraiser of Snuggles :) I know there is one you just have to have!! Let me know which one you want or if you don't see a color variation let me know we can work something out.

Please help support the trio of Aubren, Ashlynn & Marqelle to raise money for their upcoming drill team costumes and competition fees.  Snuggles are a perfect fit for your coffee cup and water bottle.  They are wonderful for birthday gifts plus Christmas is right around the corner ONLY $15!!!!  Thanks so much for your support!!
Aubren, Ashlynn & Marqelle

FYI -I will be off of face book Aug 31-Sept 9 you can leave me a note and I will contact you when I get worries

Thank you all for your support ! I am excited at finding I have a creative side :)


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