Christmas presents 2012

The holidays are over :( the only good thing is that I can finally post all my creations I have been working very hard to get done by Christmas!! 
First one is our Christmas morning PJs and Santa hats, I ran out of time to make them for the girls- Next year I promise. My nephew in the middle cracks me up- "Why am I in this family?" lol
Design: Emie Grace Creations which I bought off of
this pattern came with several ways to make the hats -Awesome 26 pages !
I have several more patterns that I bought from her which I can't wait to make.

The below pics are hats I made for my little sister and mom for Christmas.
again this is from PDdesigns from etsy

Third is a present to me from my second Mom Tina who is Awesome!! I saw this on Pinterest and thought what a great idea, I showed her the picture and the next week I had it!! I LOVE IT!!!  Now I can walk around crocheting every where I go :).. this little guy hangs off your wrist -you put your yarn inside and voila -start walking without having to worry about your yarn getting away from you.


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