Traveling Octopus!

Did I get your attention :) My family went to Dominican Republic a week ago all paid for by my Mother- She is Awesome!! That means 12 of us all getting on a plane very early, and not that I didn't think we all would be very excited at 3am!!! I thought I would make everyone smile with something special to add to their luggage. I started a week before we left making these little guys, that means I had to crochet at least 3 a day more like 4 then put eyes on them (which is always the hardest part), string them and sew them up. It is amazing that every time I got done with one, the little octopus already represented someone in my family :)
Now after coming home there are a few things I would do different:
1. I would make the para cord longer for the handle, I thought they were long but it was a bear to get those little buggers on our luggage
2. Not sure I would put them on our checked in luggage again, we lost a few. Not sure if they got caught on something or if the handlers thought they were cute and cut them off. (or I didn't tie the cord well enough on the inside??)  Now I have to make at least 4 more for the ones we lost....

What I did right:
1. I was trying to figure out a way to keep the para cord from just being yanked out when my husband had the brilliant idea of using an over sized button on the inside of the octopus, stringing thru button and then thru the top of the head. Perfect!
2. The Octopus pattern I used I had to change up a little  by adding several rows and then adding several decreasing rows, not one came out the same which was great. They did come out bigger than the pattern which I wanted. I also used yarn that changed color.
3. Added eyebrows to the eyes which gave them character.
4. My husband handmade luggage tags for everyone too. Perfect

thanks Mom for an unforgettable vacation!!


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