I have been so busy working and crocheting whenever I have a free moment, I have not been updating my blog :( So the next couple of post will be about baby blankets. The End of 2015 and all of 2016 was baby booming with my family and friends, every time I turned around someone else I knew was having a baby :)

Below is the blanket I made my youngest nephew Carter September 2015, who is the sweetest little boy and is now 1 years old..lol
I got the idea from The Friendly Fox- Road Blanket, I did tweak my blanket to make it a little different searched Pinterest of course to find what I wanted-  different types of  trees, snow on mountains and shapes (took me several tries to get the look I wanted), and of course the little car.. I wanted Carter to be able play on the road with his car. It turned out great! And with my Mother-n-Law Martina's sewing all my appliques on the blanket we got it done in time!

Of course the little man would needs some hats to welcome in the world Dec 11th.. I think he wears them well :)
This pic is on his way home from the hospital and it actually still fits him. News Boy Hat u can buy pattern on etsy.

We always have Christmas at my Sister Tamara's House so I had made all of us Christmas hats several years ago, and little man was just in time for Christmas he needed to have a hat to :) elf hat- you can buy pattern on etsy.


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