2nd and 3rd Blankets are for 2 Twin Boys so I wanted to make them similar but unique in their own way.. I found this amazing yarn that matched what the Mommies were going to use in the nursery - Caron Cakes- Cake Pop that I found at Michaels. I love how the yarn changes colors which makes it easier and harder to make the blanket.
PRO: I don't have to go pick out colors that work well with each other and then having to carry around 3-4 skeins of yarn.
CON is that this yarn changes to different colors 😏 which makes it hard when you are doing a pattern that u don't want to change in the middle- in this case Granny Squares. So I had to get several extra skeins of yarn and cut out sections of yarn to complete the squares especially at the end- color never made it all the way around the square.
How I made the blankets different from each other- started first squares out with different colors, made borders different colors, and made my signature hearts opposite of each other.
I also wanted to do something new for the baby hats- found the cutest pattern on Etsy for fedoras (baby to adults) SO DANG Cute!
Pattern :Granny Square by Daisy Cottage
Yarn: Caron Cakes- Cake Pop
Side note I always make my blankets larger than pattern because I want the little kiddies to use it for several years

  Now to the Cutest Hats
Pattern: Kario Designs on Etsy $6
I used the leftover dark greys from Caron Cakes- Cake Pop yarn and I also did a light grey for their eldest 😁
For the trimming I just bought ribbon to match as close as I could to the blankets, I also made and extra trim by chain circle. Will see which one stays on better once they have them on.


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