My first ever bun/pony beanies, my family has asked me for the last couple of years to make them :)
I did try last year but I never finished the beanie not sure why..did I not like the pattern or the idea.
This year I found a new pattern from  Chelsea Beehive Messy Bun Hat pattern#beehivebunhat 
It's an easy pattern to follow, however for me they were a little to short, I like my hats to sit right above my eyebrows so on the brim I added 2 extra stitches so instead of ch6 I ch8 now they are perfect.
I also think they are really cute with my hair down, so I had a genius idea to make removable pompoms. I sewed 2 buttons on the inside of the hats and then left 2 strings on pompoms to time off when you want to wear them. I know cute right..hahahha.

Here is to keeping warm this winter.. Enjoy


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