My Hand Knit BIG Chunky Yarn Hats

I have caught the Bug! Yes the BIG CHUNKY Yarn Bug..💕💖
Michaels started getting in Loops and Threads (Free Spirit and Indie yarn), and I have been wanting some since I saw them before Christmas. I finally took the plunge and bought Free Spirit with my 50% coupon (regular price $34.99-ouch)
I found some great youtube tutorials on finger knitting hats, they looked straight forward and easy- 2 things I love in a pattern.
My only issue is that I cannot find any patterns for Loops and Threads for Free Spirit or Indie yarn, seriously oei.. so the tutorials I did find, I had to experiment. That means making tons of mistakes and redoing- which with this yarn is not the best because it starts shedding so hopefully this helps you if you try to make your own hat.

So my first hat is a Monster, no kidding this thing is a beast, lmao. Here is a video .. sorry I couldn't help but laugh.  Beanie tutorial by Larissa is great, she is very easy to follow and this yarn did follow what she was doing in video. You just have to be consistent on your loops or they won't be uniformed.

I did make a pompom but too small for this magnificent hat, I will have to try another one not using my pom pom maker
In Larissa's video she explains how to divide the yarn in half so I decided to try and see how a hat would look. Dividing the yarn is not the easiest thing in the world, you have to be very gentle and slow (which I am neither). If you divide the original ball of yarn I think you could get several hats and scarf out of it. Here is the divided yarn made into hat and scarf, I did change up my scarf by just making it bigger so it would wrap around twice since I had used my yarn divided.

Friday I went back to Michaels since I received another 50% coupon, this time I decided to try the Indie yarn. Yeah I know why in the world do I need these Big Hats in Texas, well to me if it gets below 50 degrees I get to wear a hat ❤😉. Seriously though hoping to go snowboarding this winter and we are excited about our Alaska Cruise this August!! So yep bringing these babies with me, also making one for my Sis and friend so we can all look super cute on the cruise.

I really wanted to use a hook this time and follow this tutorial Crochet Knit Stitch Beanie, but this yarn is still too big. I did try several hook sizes but just couldn't make it work like I wanted. So went back to Larissa's video and this is where I had to experiment since this yarn was much smaller than the Free Spirit yarn. 
I ended up doing 20 stitches on my chain, then 12 rounds until decrease row- 14 total
I made 2 different pom pom sizes - one using cut out cardboard circle and one using lg clover maker.
The hat on the left is my first hat and big pom pom with cardboard circle I made, the other 2 are with clover maker. Of course each time I made a hat I got better with being consistent with my stitches.
 Here is the difference in Hat sizes and looks. Free Spirit divided and Indie

When I was finishing up the last hat I wanted to show you the difference in pom poms and how I made them, hope it helps

Free Spirit Dusty Blue which shows on sale now for $20 but most are out of stock online
Indie Oatmeal Ombre which shows on sale now for $20 but most are out of stock online

Patterns this is the next one I want to try but will have to buy yarn :)

Clover Pom Pom maker wish I could find and XL one


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