Christmas presents 2022

I always think of presents way to late to get everything done 😝 First my hubby and I thought it would be a good idea at Thanksgiving to make a throw blanket for his Step-Mom in Georgia so she could sit in her chair nice and cozy. Found Caron Woven Cables Crochet Throw using Spice Cakes- Stage Lights, loved the pattern, and pretty easy to do. After you get through the first 8 rounds the pattern just repeats so it is easy to go along. The pattern wanted a chain of 81 however when I did that it looked smaller than what I wanted it to be, I chained my blanket to 123 which did make the blanket little bigger than I wanted (47 1/2"x 50") but this way they can cuddle on the couch 💓 There is also a Youtube video Crochet Cable Braided Blanket Pattern, which I found very helpful.  She received blanket before Christmas and loved it 😁 Can't wait to go to Farmersville, TX -Fiber Circle for more yarn to make myself a blanket :)

2nd present -which I really wanted to make 7 but only got one done before Christmas was the adorable Googly-eyes sunshades!! They are soooo cute 💞My oldest niece was the recipient of the first googly-eye shades, she of course loved them.

Instead of using wire that I really couldn't find and was expensive,  I bought sun shades on Amazon it worked perfectly. I used an H Hook and Lionbrand Mandala Baby - Echo Waves yarn. I did have to use 4 balls of yarn since you do have to make 2 eyes you want them to closely match. When I was done crocheting them I used a needle and yarn to sew them on the shade, I kept the reflective material on the shade, I felt this would support the eyes better and still help keep the car cooler.  You can square off the shades in car or tilt them, I like the tilt better :) 

 3rd Which is one of my favorite things to make is the Bulky & Quick Elf Hat from MJ's Off The Hook Designs I love her patterns she makes them easy to understand and also has videos that help.
I have made a hat for everyone in my family for the past several Christmas' well this year we have the newest member my perfect little Grand Niece Emmerson Fisher - How cute is she!




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