2013 Christmas is now behind us :) I can now show you all the Christmas Presents I made. If you remember last year I made all the adults in my family santa/elf hats, this year I made all the kiddos their own santa/elf hats. I had 8 little hats in all starting with my newest niece Amelia she looks so cute with it on too :)
You can find the pattern here if you are interested in making one :)  long tailed baby elf hat
I just added more rows to make it larger for the big kids.

Miss Amelia with her Uncle Donnie, her little ear poking out is so cute!

My little sis Alexi is the only one not wearing her hat because she forgot it at home. I think we all look great just missing the Feldes and Van Weys in our family shot of hats.


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