Ok so I have a few friends that would like to order so here are the latest creations and you can tell me exactly which kind you like :)
First start with boot cuffs.
1. Friendship Boot Cuffs with Scallops $15
The top is Oatmeal really nice color and matches almost anything :)
2nd is Black - I am waiting on some white buttons to make them pop.

No Scallops
Is a Cream love this one and its a little thicker than all the rest
 2 Scalloped Boot Cuff $18
These are grey but I can do them in almost any color,  they give the effect of being knitted :)

3 Hats- this is what I have so far however if there is another color you would like let me know.
So far I have 3 cream color hats since they are so neutral and work with everything, then you can bling it up with flowers :)
 With just button $20 with flower $25
Above you can see how only the button looks or add a flower. I have been trying to make the flowers come on and off if you want.
This one is really pretty I think a cream flower would look great..only one I have. Donnie found the yarn and they only had on skein.

 4. Last but not least here are 2 flowers and some yarn I just got.
I fell in love with these metallic yarns, the little copper flower is perfect for boot cuffs you can take it on and off button.
You can see how big each flower is on the ruler and the button, so if you have your own button this size you can use it too, and this yarn is great because you will never have one flower matching so these are perfect for the hat flowers not boot cuffs.

If you want an extra pair of flowers it will be $5 for your boot cuffs


  1. I want the Grey Scalloped boot cuffs with a button. Where do I pay?

    1. sorry for this late comment i just saw it :( pls send me an email so we can discuss what you want.. npvanwey@gmail.com


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