Finished all the hats by Christmas Morning!

I started Thursday before Christmas making the rest of the families Santa Elf hats, I had to get 9 done! That is with working, playing and everything else involved with Christmas away from home 😁
I actually finished Christmas morning before we woke up the kids with the last hat that was for my niece Victoria, I made hers completely different from all others- little elf which fits her perfectly..(and that is not because I ran out of yarn or bought all the reds and whites from every store around

I loved all of us in one house for Christmas, we have not had that since I was in my 20s. We hiked, ate, watched Christmas Movies, ate, fished, hiked, ate, first gingerbread house competition, ate....yeah we never run out of food at our family gatherings (homemade chicken and dumplings, uncut bone in ribeye, crab and shrimp boil..yum)

Here are a few of my favorites from this holiday.. even with this crazy family pic. My sis bought us Xmas PJs and my niece made us all the handkerchiefs.


Oh yeah and if you or your kids need a new youtube channel to follow my niece Victoria started hers :) Miss Vivi
Want to get away and have an Amazing cabin that can sleep 19?!?! Eagles Point  they book up fast -fyi


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