Wanted to share one of my favorite things :) Years ago I drew out my luvbugz that my husband the artist he is made me a stamp with my name. I have attached little cards to all my creations since then.
However I have been dying to get leather labels made for my hats, but couldn't figure out how to get that done. This summer I was looking for a Happy Planner cover on Etsy when I ran across this wonderful site that said they could make custom labels with anything! WHAT!! So of course I wrote them, sent pics of what I had. Ana from All this Wood wrote me back and said they could do it no problem, and Yes I was jumping up and down screaming for my husband to come and see the prototype she sent me!!!

I think I actually received them within a week of ordering and they were everything I ever wanted. LOVE... LOVE ... LOVE

Now the only thing I have been putting the labels on are my hats, I tried to put them on my blankets but it doesn't look quite right. I may have to get rectangle label for blankets. I also have not put them on baby hats because I think they are too big. I just ordered another 50 before Thanksgiving because I ran out and I received them on the 29th! It is the season for Hats so all my friends and family have been keeping me busy.

I will add this site to my favorite links so it will be easy to find.  I will also post my newest creation on next post ...Santa Hats :)


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