Mosaic Afghan

Made this Beauty for my Grand Niece Emmerson who will be arriving in September :) It was one of the hardest blankets I have done. It could have been easier if  I had printed the Afghan pattern and not the  Dishcloth from  MJs off The Hook Designs.   Yeah my mistake, I bought both patterns and thought they were the same, so Miss Emmi is getting 3 blankets :) The first one I used G hook and I was like this blanket is going to take me forever, then I watched to Afghan video and found I was supposed to use I hook this would have been great if I was using the right pattern ( I tell you what, crazy over here). I was almost done with the 2nd blanket when I watched the Afghan video again to see how I was going to do border, when I realized Michelle's pattern looked much looser than mine. UGH I did it again seriously! So when I looked at her diagram they look really close to each other but they are not. So once again started a new blanket this time I made absolutely sure I was using right dang pattern and hook. 

It was all meant to be right, lol. Emmi needed 3 blankets in different sizes for multiple uses :)

I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn - Pink, White with Soft Green border

The first blanket measured 25 1/2"x12"

The second blanket measured 32"x22"

The third blanket measured 41 1/2"x36"

I also chained 114 instead of 108, because I like to make them a little bigger. 

When I did the border double crochet just looked too big so used half double crochet instead, also wanted to incorporate the green in the border and make it look a little more girlie so I used Dot border, I changed this up also doing 3 double crochets instead of 5 and I did not slip stitch btwn dots because I had to close up the blanket so I used single stitch.

Note to self this blanket is all counting, can't make any mistakes or you will have to undo row.

Miss Emmerson in the smallest blanket  :) fits her perfectly 💔


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